Villa Bambou Hotel
Welcome to The Inn at Villa Bambou

Our History Here is the story as we know it...

Originally, there was a large stand of wild Bamboo on this hill. The locals referred to our area of Pacot as "nan bambou". The Director of the Haitian American Railroad Company purchased the property in the early part of this century and built the house in the late 20's. The mother company was located in Chicago and the president used to spend his winters in the house with his wife. They owned the entire hill. At that time, the area was known as "Liles Estates". The driveway to the home was cobblestone. The original road is still used to access the inn. There was a beautiful clock tower at the base of the road. The foundations can still be seen below the Villa's vegetable garden. Legend has it that "Tonton" Liles buried his fortune someplace on the property... We are still looking for his treasure!!!...

Interesting story... On April 24, 1970 at 10 AM a Commander of the Haitian Coast Guard attempted an unsuccessful uprising against the Haitian Government. The Colonel asked all Guards on duty to go for an outing at sea. Once in the Bay of Port-au-Prince, the ships were ordered to start firing their cannons at the National Palace. The Colonel watched from the balconies at Villa Bambou and directed the uprising. Ultimately the rebellion failed, the mutineers fled the country and sailed to Puerto Rico. Villa Bambou was then ransacked, (dechukaj), by the people in retaliation. In the 70's it was purchased by the owners of the Coca Cola bottling plant in Haiti. At this time the Villa was beautifully restored. We acquired the property in the 1990's and raised our family here.

We are located in a quiet, safe neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, near both the airport and the seaport. We are midway between downtown Port-au-Prince and Petionville, and we are conveniently located near all the major businesses, ONG's and industries of the Port-au-Prince area. Villa Bambou keeps the identity of its guests very private therefore security is extremely reinforced at the gate.

The Devastating Earthquake of January 12, 2010 severely damaged the neighborhood as well as the foundation of the Villa. After one year of renovation, Villa Bambou once again stands in all her glory, awaiting your arrival!